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Advantages of being Multilingual

Do you know that, one language sets you in a corridor for life? Learn a second language today to develop and build yourself personally and for the world to see you (potential employers). Maximize your potential in different languages. This can enhance your employability prospect, raise your confidence and lead to a more fulfilling, higher […]

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Foreign Language – A Key to Improve Productivity

Foreign Language – A Key to Improve Productivity According to a news report released by Forbes, insight with more companies expanding globally having multilingual workforce has become a critical success factor and businesses are taking action to provide employees with language learning. Language skill plays a key role in developing great professionals in the global […]

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The Origin of Languages

The Origin Of Languages According to a study done by Dr. Quentin Atkinson, every language in the world has evolved from a prehistoric “mother-tongue” that was first spoken in Africa tens of thousands of years ago. What’s astonishing about this evidence of the origin of language coming out of Africa is that it fits with the theory most […]

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Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Benefits of Learning a Second Language Learning a Second Language the learning process and sacrifices may appear insurmountable and time taking may look forever but the long term future benefits cannot be over- mentioned. At Laclic Services , we came up with some of the benefits that comes with learning a second language: Career Advantages: People who have […]