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8th Floor, Ibukun House, 70 Ademola Adetokunbo Street, VI
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How I got my dream job after I learnt a foreign Language – French

If you are a Nigerian graduate, then you will understand how hard it is to get a job. My name is Janet, a 2010 graduate of UNN with a second class upper degree but good grades doesn’t guarantee good jobs these days. During school days I looked forward to building a career with the best companies around but after three years of job hunting, I began to wonder if my dreams would ever come through.

I finished youth service at the age of 27. Most banks and private companies would only employ fresh graduate not more than 25 years of age, some would even say 24. should I reverse my age just to get a job? It’s not my fault that ASUU goes on strike for several months or even years. This forces a lot of graduates to lie about their age and that is totally unfair. I had lost count of the numbers of interviews I attended without getting a call back. During my ‘jobless’ days, I taught it’s best to learn a skill to improve myself so I could be more attractive to employers so I began to search.

Eventually, I learnt bead making, hair dressing, cooking but then, how would these skills make me fit into any organisation? Even if I wanted to start a business of my own, I would still need money to start up which means I still have to get a job. I woke up one morning, unwilling to get up to start my boring life, so i decided to search for another skill when I came across a Language school called Laclic Services. They train both corporate bodies and individuals on how to speak different foreign languages fluently. I started with french the following day. The female tutor was quite pleasant and patient enough until I was able to speak and write in French Within six weeks.

Sometimes she would even call and speak to me in French just to make sure I still remembered all I had been taught.I resumed my job search on the internet and after two weeks, I was called for an interview. I went there with more confidence because I had included my new skills on my CV. When asked the famous question “why should we hire you”? I confidently talked about how my foreign Language proficiency may present new business opportunities, increase sales and improve retention of existing customers. In addition, i explained how my Language skill would be used to resolve cultural or language conflicts between customers and colleagues. The next thing I heard was “thank you, we would get back to you”.

I knew deep down the interview was better than the previous once I attended. I said to myself “if I don’t get this job then it has to be that God doesn’t want me there. About 15 minutes after i left, I received a phone call from the company I just left. The caller politely asked if I could come back and I said yes! I ran as fast as I could and when I got there, they congratulated me and said I passed the interview and should resume the following week. I couldn’t believe it. When the HR asked for my passport photograph and original copies of my credentials, I knew my life was about to change.

Who knew that being able to speak another man’s language like French could get me a good job? There are so many other benefits of learning a Foreign Language such as:

  • multitasking skills
  • improved academic performance and much more.

Sign up to learn a language with Laclicservices and your life will never remain the same.